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How long do grillz take to make?
Plain mouth jewellery can take up to 20 working days complete. Custom and diamond set jewellery will vary in turnaround time depending on the complexity of the job. During consultation/impression taking a more accurate wait time will be provided.

Are Tooth Gems safe?
Yes!  And pain free. There is no drilling involved. Gems are bonded onto teeth  (the same way as braces) using dental grade materials. All gems used are non toxic and lead free. All gold jewellery is made from high quality dental gold.

How long do tooth gems last?
Tooth gems are semi permanent and last anywhere from 1 month to 1 year+ depending on how well you look after them, and other factors such as diet and mouth acidity.

How can I remove my tooth gems?
Please do not attempt to remove tooth gems yourself! Instead we recommend going to a dentist/dental hygienist who can safely remove them for you

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